Start your perfect vacation on the island of Rab by spending an amazing day onboard the Aquamax B23F, the hand-built RIB registered for up to 12 people. Price per day starting from 180€.

Visit the surrounding islands on this luxurious speedboat and discover natural and historical beauties. Sunbathe and swim in the crystal-clear sea while you are anchored in one of the hidden coves or blue lagunas.

Aquamaq B23F – RIB Speedboat

The 2019 Aquamax B23F is a hand-built RIB, built to provide ultimate pleasure to the boat user. The boat is registered for 12 passengers, but our recommendation is 8 to maximum 10 passengers onboard. On the bow of the boat, you will find a spacious sunbathing area.

Speedboat description

In the middle section, there is a skipper area with a skipper’s and co-skippers seat. At the stern, there is a large U-shaped sitting area with a table where you can have some refreshing drinks and food. There is a shower on the boat which will help you clean the salt from your body after the swim. The boat is equipped with a sound system with 4 speakers and is supporting AUX, USB and Bluetooth external audio connections. There are 4 USB chargers for your mobile phones and other devices, along with a 12V inlets. You will also find a portable fridge.
The boat is used primarily for professional purposes of daily and half-daily speedboat trips around and near the island of Rab, where it is situated (town of Rab).

Sailing area – Rab’s archipelago

The sailing area around Rab island is quite diverse and you can visit numerous gorgeous neighboring islands. Start with the island of Cres, Punta Križa bay. You can continue to Lošinj island to visit the theApoxyomenos museum, and after visiting the museum you
can quickly reach the only sandy island in Croatia – Susak.

On the other side, you have the ​island Silba, one of the smallest inhabited islands in Croatia​,​ and Island Olib with amazing sandy beaches. You can finish your sailing day by visiting the​ ​ island Pag village Lun where you can find one of the oldest olive trees in the world, the tree is over 1600 years old. Sounds amazing, right?​


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